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RangeForce Cyber Security

RangeForce Cyber Security

Submitted by Peter on 12 July 2022

RangeForce is a cloud-based and on-demand cyber skills platform, featuring real IT infrastructure, real security tools, and real cyber threats.

Since its conception, RangeForce has grown to become a global company supporting organizations throughout the world in the ongoing mission to build cyber resilience. Today, we provide hands-on learning experiences to thousands of enterprise cybersecurity professionals and their teams.


This course is being taught by Ben Crenshaw, Oracle Security and features Jenny Menna, Vice President, Business Cybersecurity Risk at Humana.


  1. What is Cyber?
  2. Cyber defined
  3. CIA Triad
  4. Cyber Assets
  5. Cyber Policy
  6. Defense in Depth
  7. RangeForce: Introduction to Cybersecurity Terminology and  History of Cybersecurity
  8. Why Teach Cyber?
  9. Cyber Warfare
  10. Cyber Terrorism
  11. Critical Infrastructure
  12. Fireside Chat with Jenny Menna, CISO of Humana 
  13. Why Teach Cyber?
  14. Digital Forensics
  15. Malware
  16. Threat Intelligence
  17. Malware Analysis