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On Thursday, March 12th, 2020, I had the opportunity to serve in addressing food scarcity, students, Fresno State, North Fresno Rotary, and my alum (Fresno State), and First Lady Mary "Mamma" Castro; and things didn't go as planned.

Lessons learned.

Professional, Academic, and Community Background

If you’re here, chances are you live in California, the Central Valley, in either Fresno or Clovis.  You’re engaged with your community organizations such as schools, Rotary International, Toastmasters, churches, Boys and Girls Scouts, sports clubs; support academic achievement, use information technology like social media, mobile devices; interact/enjoy/produce/need/like photos and videos; have a strong ethical and moral foundation; prefer direct communications, and have a ton of ongoing, planned, and wished for projects.

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Join North Fresno Rotary this week to learn how Fresno State is actively helping struggling students on campus and in the Fresno community
CSUEU 309 Survey to Assess CSU Handling of COVID-19 and now we find ourselves in unchartered territory; the future holds great uncertainty for our individual selves, for our families, and for our broader communities.
At the campus level, I serve as a Steward and Organization Chair for Fresno State University. At the State level, I volunteer on the Organizing Committee for the CSUEU under Pete Rauch.
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