Community Service

Donate to Support Community Service
Monday March 05, 2018
If you'd like to support my community service work please donate now to my Fresno Fitness LLC account on PayPal.   Your donation will fund community service projects in the Fresno Area.
Wish List - Photography
Monday March 05, 2018
In community service and community service projects you have to do what needs to get done and document the organizations activities.  One of the best ways to do it... is with PHOTOS and videos. My first photos were on OnePlus 3T in 2013... then a Note 7 in 2015... and finally a Nikon D7200 in 2017.  In 2017... disaster struck and my home was broken into and all my gear was stolen.  In 2018 I began to rebuild and repurchase some of my photography equipment.
Peer Wellness Ambassador 2011
Wednesday May 04, 2011

I became a Peer Wellness Ambassador at Fresno State because I value community service and healthy living.  As a Wellness Ambassador I was able to share my experiences and knowledge in wellness, practice team collaboration, and lead meetings.