Photography and Photo Editing
Friday March 20, 2015

Photo Editing

A lot of my volunteering work has involved taking pictures and writing up articles and postings online.

For every community event I photograph... there's always the desire to enhance and edited a photo or two for the organization.  Thus I would like to take more time to edit the photos and need community support and sponsorship.

Over the past 5 years I have learned and am still learning how to take and edit pictures.  If  you are a member of any community service group that has need of photography or have photos you'd like to have edited.... I available.

Upcoming Events Requiring Sponsorship

  • North Fresno Rotary's 33rd Annual Pancake Breakfast and Sidewalk Sale
  • North Fresno Rotary's 3rd Annual Run for Humanity
  • Fresno State ROTC Army Commissioning

Past Photography

I'm fairly new to photography, I started roughly in 2013 for North Fresno Rotary with a cellphone camera... Today, after a home burglary, am rebuilding my camera gear.

If you see photos you'd like to have edited for a community group.. feel free to contact me.



Sponsor Benefits

If you or your company sponsors the project I will post about your company and the support you provided to the Fresno Community, North Fresno Rotary Club and Rotary International, Fresno State and their organizations such as Mediator Mentors, Fresno State's ROTC Army, Fresno State's Executive Staff Assembly, and more...

How to Sponsor

If you or your company would like to be a sponsor you can help by donating the following:


  Hourly Rate Reserve by

Photo editing

1 $30 Open