Pancake Breakfast - Promaster 800D Led 3 Light Kit
Monday March 19, 2018
Pancake Breakfast - Promaster 800D Led 3 Light Kit

July 2018

I'll be volunteering for North Fresno Rotary in July and would like to be able to capture the moments on camera.  Due to my limited budget, I am currently looking for a sponsor to help with rental costs from our local business Horn Photo.

2015 Pancake Breakfast Photos

Benefits Supporting the Project

If you or your company sponsors the project I will post about your company and the support you provided to the Fresno Community, North Fresno Rotary Club, and Rotary International.

Sponsor Now

If you or your company would like to be a sponsor you can help by donating the following:


Item Deposit Rental
3 -day
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The ProMaster VL800D combines portability with power. Slim and versatile, it can be used both indoors and outdoors with the included AC adapter or optional batteries. The VL800D matches daylight without generating heat. Whether your goal is studio portraiture, still life, environmental portraiture, scenic accent... (Read More)

$700 $120 ASAP
Event in July

Purchase Now and Donate

Ship to:
Peter Fortuna
5730 North First Street
Suite 105127
Fresno CA 93710