CSUEU-sponsored AB 1231
Monday April 16, 2018
 CSUEU-sponsored AB 1231

The CSUEU campaign to generate thousands of CSU employee letters to state Senators in support of CSUEU-sponsored AB 1231 starts now! The legislation, authored by Assemblymember Dr. Shirley Weber, to reinstate 5% annual salary step increases for CSU support staff was approved by the state Assembly yet faces a new challenge in the state Senate.

Is writing a letter to your state Senator worth a 5% annual salary increase to you? We hope so…

Use the talking points of the sample letter in the link below as a guide for your hand written or typed letter. Do not simply copy the letter and sign it. It will be ignored by your Senator and Senate staff. It is important that you make your letter personal.

4 Easy Steps

  • Include one or more of the AB 1231 sample letter talking points.  Do not alter the talking points language.“  Stay on message!”
  • Add your personal story. 
  • Don't delay! Personal letters represent hundreds of constituents in the eyes of a state Senator. 
  • Drop off your letter to your chapter leadership no later than Friday, April 6and it will be personally delivered to the State Capitol.

The following links will lead you to the AB 1231 sample letter and directions to identify your local Senator on Find Your California Representative, as well as identify your campus CSUEU Chapter leadership