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Lessons - North Fresno Rotary and Mary Castro on Fresno State Food Cupboard

On Thursday, March 12th, 2020, I had the opportunity to serve in addressing food scarcity, students, Fresno State, North Fresno Rotary, and my alum (Fresno State), and First Lady Mary "Mamma" Castro; and things didn't go as planned.

Food cupboard
Food cupboard

Lessons learned (no particular order):

  • lighting is important but getting the shot is priority #1
  • pretesting the lighting doesn't matter (at site lights flickered)
  • Packaging everything early doesn't help if it's not on the checklist because it is an assumed essential uber important item that cannot be possibly forgotten. Not on the list. It will be forgotten.
  • Cellphones with large screens are nice to view on Checklist; Paper is still king but going green is the ultimate goal. Or stronger glasses.
  • Wear dark clothes. Sweat. 
  • Bring a handkerchief or in my case towel(s). Sweat. It may be an issue for me. It is.
  • Wheeled wagons for gear is a good idea
  • Leave early with Checklist checked; Lessons on Checklist
  • Google Maps or similar great idea
  • Snacks (ice cream was a poor choice)
  • Hydration 
  • Change of clothes or backup. Sweat. Ice cream stains. Ice cream. May be an issue.
  • Two cameras are best
  • Gimble for cell good idea; was assumed essential non-forgettable item that was forgotten and left behind because it was not on the Checklist. Since it has been added to the Checklist.
  • Gas-filled transportation
  • Uber backup with travel time good idea (glad not used) was on Checklist
  • Social posts planned but not properly scheduled to post; Lessons on Social Media
  • Practice with gear much as possible (volunteer)
  • Sweat less