Week 11 2018 - ARC of Fresno Madera
Sunday March 11, 2018
Week 11 2018

This week was pretty exciting in Community Service as I got to run around taking photos and creating a wireframe a new website for LIGA. 

My photography is improving(?).  I think.  Hope.  Not sure.  Argh... wish me luck.  

Kid's Day and Fresno State's ROTC

Fresno State ROTC Kids Day 2018
Fresno State ROTC Kids Day 2018

I teamed up with Fresno State's beloved ROTC Army and took some action shots of the cadets selling newspapers and accepting donations to raise awareness and money for the local community treasure: Children's Hospital in Madera off of Highway 41.

Since 1988, Valley Children’s has partnered with ABC30 and The Fresno Bee to orchestrate Kids Day. As one of the largest fundraising events in the Central Valley, Kids Day hosts over 7,000 volunteers from more than 20 communities selling a special Kids Day edition of The Fresno Bee in exchange for a donation to the Hospital. The paper features compelling patient stories and photography illustrating the vial pediatric medical care that Valley Children’s Hospital provides.

Valley Children’s Hospital strives to be the best children’s hospital in the nation. Kids Day has helped cover millions of dollars in uncompensated care, enabling us to treat kids with potentially life-threatening conditions, but whose families may not have the ability to pay. At Valley Children’s, we send cancer into remission, repair little hearts, and help the tiniest babies to grow big and strong, but we need your support to move the mission forward.

We invite you to be a part of Kids Day 2018 and help us raise the funds we need to achieve our vision of becoming the nation’s best children’s hospital.


Photo Challenges

I'm still learning photography and I found the movement of the cars, lights, people, and environment very challenging.  I had a lot of very out of focus shots due to a combination of slow lens and improper camera settings.

Arc Bowling and North Fresno Rotary

Arc Bowling at Bowlero Lanes
Arc Bowling at Bowlero in Fresno/Clovi

One of the bestest days of the year is when I get to work with North Fresno Rotary and the ARC of Fresno and Madera and help their clients and patients bowl!  It's a great day on the hardwood lanes.  Hmmm... not sure that's a bowling term... "hardwood lanes".


Arc Fresno empowers individuals with developmental disabilities to attain greater independence by offering everyday life experiences in a supportive community.


Arc Fresno is the premier provider of services that educate, employ and enrich the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities.


Photo Challenges

I think I ruined a lot of photos because of the extremely difficult array of light sources.  I found myself very frustrated because I wasn't able to capture the moments I wanted the way I wanted to... Luckily, this is an annual event for the Rotarians of North Fresno Rotary.