Rotary International District Resource Leader
Sunday July 02, 2017
Rotary International District Resource Leader

Why I Became a District Resource Leader (DRL)

In 2017, after serving North Fresno Rotary's Technology Director for nearly 4 years,  I was offered the opportunity to help Rotary International at the District level and given a chance to impact even more clubs and communities.

I became a Rotary International District Resource Leader (DRL) to help the clubs within my district have an even bigger impact in our world.

What is the District Resource Leaders (DRL) Program?

The DRL program is designed to give district leader training, current information, best practices and contacts in their respective areas of responsibility. The DRLs who are invited are determined by the Institute program. Each year the Institute’s program focus may change, and therefore the prospective attendees will change.

Goals of the DRL program:

  • To improve the quality and impact of the District Resource Leader‘s work and their respective area of responsibility.
  • To provide training, information, insights and tools to help the DRL provide the greatest impact and benefit to the individual clubs.
  • To help the DRLs share information, resources and best practices.
  • To create opportunities and to inspire the DRLs to work together to increase the quality and the impact of their efforts.

DRLs selected should be those who would best benefit from the specific program offered by the Institute.  The DRLs who are invited must be consistent with the program, and all focus, information and resources to the DRLs must be transferable to the clubs.

Who are the DRL’s for 2016?

The 2016-17 DGE’s will appoint the 2016 DRL’s.

1. Leadership of the 30 largest clubs in Zones 25/26 4 invited per Club
In Zones 25 & 26, 25 Rotary clubs represent 12% of our membership. The large clubs tend to be highly visible and effective expressions of Rotary. Many of these clubs were a part of the first 100 clubs, and as such, helped to define the Rotary club experience. During the 2016 Institute, we will encourage a conversation between our leadership and these clubs, as we believe there is a tremendous opportunity for connecting for good in the district and with other clubs. We also believe that this program will help facilitate a value-added two-way relationship between your club and its members and Rotary, your district leadership, other cubs and your fellow Rotarians.

2. Leadership of the 30 largest clubs in Zones 25/26 4 invited per Club
The 2016-2017 Rotary year will celebrate 100 years of The Rotary Foundation. Further, it may well be the year in which we will see the last transmitted case of the polio virus. Our District’s Foundation leadership will be invited to attend the Institute in celebration of these milestones, to hear from top Rotary leadership regarding the future of our Foundation, and to discuss the role the Foundation plays in helping clubs be vibrant and to attract and keep their members.

Further, using the theme “Connecting for Good,” we will explore how our clubs, through use of the Foundation, have done “good” in their communities and the world.

Criterion for the District Foundation chair or committee member:

  • 2016-17 or incoming 2017-18 District Foundation Chair. In other words, people who won’t be ending their service in spring 2017.
  • Individuals who have not attended an Institute as a District Foundation chair several times before.
  • Key Foundation Committee member.
  • Can be a PDG.

What is the tentative program timing for 2016?

Unique programming is offered to the DRL attendees. They will engage RI Senior leadership, discuss and explore current topics, and participate in the Institute. You can expect to hear outstanding speakers and innovative Rotary thinking at the Institute.

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