District Public Image Officer
Saturday February 17, 2018
District Public Image Officer, Rotary

Why I Became a District Public Image Office

Over the past 5 years my involvement and commitment to Rotary International has grown.  As a new generation arises, Rotary International has an opportunity and duty to provide them with meaningful service opportunities that  allow them to grown and enhance their skills and provide benefits to their communities.

Service Details

Commitment: 3 years
Reports to:  Communications Director
Duties: 80% Development and Promulgation of the Public Image Plan; 10% District Education activities; 10% Report Writing

  • The District Public Image Officer is a member of the District’s communication team, whose primary responsibility is the development of a comprehensive Rotary District 5230 public information program, utilizing all forms of NEW and TRADITIONAL media. 
  • It is expected the PI Officer will recruit sufficient team members with special skills in public relations in order to adequately use all forms of media, and to provide longer-term continuity for the operations. 
  • The PI Officer is expected to work closely with the Communications Director, Assistant Governors, and the District Administrative Officer to coordinate and/or support initiatives taken by individual clubs and the District. 
  • The PI Officer will assist the District Education Director and individual clubs with their local public image activities as requested. 
  • The PI Officer will submit an activities report to the Communications Director in a timely fashion for archival in DACdb. 
  • Yearly, a year-end activities report is prepared, which identify process alterations to the incoming District’s Communications Director. 
  • The PI Officer is involved in preparing the budget for the succeeding Rotary fiscal year. 

Skills and Competencies

The PI Officer should have strong organizing, writing, and marketing skills.  Beneficial is experience in all medial platforms, and some understanding of the traditional Valley and Coast media markets.