Toastmasters Clovis Speech Masters
Thursday November 17, 2016
Toastmasters Clovis Speech Masters

I joined Toastmaster's in 2016 and began serving as their social media guy, or Public Relations Officer.

I selected Clovis Speech Masters in part because it had several colleagues of mine from Fresno State.  I stayed because I enjoy the conversations, listening to a public speech, watching the members and myself improve over time. 

Clovis Speech Masters

I joined Speech Masters of Clovis because it is filled with generous and talented professionals who are committed to improving each other and our community. Our group's intent is to help each improve our skill sets and form friendships.

Public Relation Officer 2017-18

Peter Fortuna Toastmasters Public Relations Officer
Peter Fortuna Toastmasters Public Relations Officer

As Vice President Public Relations (VPPR), you are responsible for coordinating an active public relations and publicity program in your club. By establishing and maintaining lines of communication between the club and its members, as well as between the club and the public, you will increase awareness of Toastmasters through local news and social media.


  • Protect the Toastmasters brand.
  • Develop a public relations plan:
    • Review and use the PR tools and resources available to you.
    • Set goals: Review and evaluate your club's previous PR efforts, current objectives and tactics to reach goals.
    • Determine the PR budget for your club’s PR program.
    • Create a publicity calendar to determine when and how you will promote your club.
    • Indicate the vehicles and tools you will use to attract and connect with  fellow members (internal audience) and news media (external audience), including club news releases, websites and social networking sites.
    • Communicate Toastmasters’ key messages when writing news releases and while speaking to members, potential members and journalists.
    • Be Persistent. Working with the news media takes patience and time. Mondo Times is a great resource for finding local media contacts. Don’t give up.
  • Collaborate with your club leaders to discuss your PR plan, activities and initiatives.
  • Monitor status toward your goals. Report progress, activities and news coverage to club and district leaders by email.

The responsibilities listed above are key to your success as a VPPR. It’s also important to know what you are not responsible for, so you can focus on public relations.

Not Your Responsibility:

  • Creating a marketing plan.
  • Develop or implement marketing projects.
  • Manage recognition activities or the Club Coach program.
  • Recruit, train or supervise the club-building team, club sponsors, mentors or coaches.

Join Us

Would you like to join us for lunch?   Visiting our club is an exciting first step in reaching your goals. There’s no need to feel pressure to participate at your first club meeting – you can simply observe if you wish.

Also... since every club is unique, it’s OK to visit several clubs before you decide to Clovis Speech Masters!

Have a great first meeting!

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