Peer Wellness Ambassador 2011
Wednesday May 04, 2011
Peer Wellness Ambassador
Peter Fortuna Fresno State Peer Wellness Ambassador
Peter Fortuna PMP | BS | NA
Fresno State Peer Wellness Ambassador

Why I Became a Peer Wellness Ambassador

I became a Peer Wellness Ambassador at Fresno State because I value community service and healthy living.  As a Wellness Ambassador I was able to share my experiences and knowledge in wellness, practice team collaboration, and lead meetings.

I was selected in the very semester and in the very first group of students serving as its first President.

Wellness Ambassador Highlights

  • Posters and Flyers
  • Health and Wellness Presentations to students and classes
  • Tabling, Distribution, and Information Sharing

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Recommendations and Support

It is my absolute pleasure to recommend Peter Fortuna for President with CSUEU.

Robert Escamilla
Fresno State Technology Services
Information Technology Consultant


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