Growing up in the Silicon Valley I was surrounded by innoventions and technology. Such experiences lead me to pursue a degree in Computer Science and a career in technology, education, business solutions, information systems, and technology.

The LSAMP program supports comprehensive attention to those processes and factors that promote baccalaureate attainment, preparation for graduate study, and preparation for successful careers by students within alliances.  

I have always loved teaching and community service. In 2005-06 I served the Fresno State campus and its students as a Microsoft Student Ambassador (MSA), now called a Microsoft Student Partner (MSP). 

University of Phoenix

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I've been teaching or leading teams since 1991 and teaching at University of Phoenix since 2012.... and I still get kicks during graduation... and now it's Graduation 2018 at the Savemart Center.


In 2017, after serving North Fresno Rotary's Technology Director for nearly 4 years,  I was offered the opportunity to help Rotary International at the District level and given a chance to impact even more clubs and communities. I became a Rotary International District Resource Leader (DRL) to help the clubs within my district have an even bigger impact in our world.