Peer Wellness Ambassador 2011
Wednesday May 04, 2011

I became a Peer Wellness Ambassador at Fresno State because I value community service and healthy living.  As a Wellness Ambassador I was able to share my experiences and knowledge in wellness, practice team collaboration, and lead meetings.

Growing up in the Silicon Valley I was surrounded by innoventions and technology. Such experiences lead me to pursue a degree in Computer Science and a career in technology, education, business solutions, information systems, and technology.

The LSAMP program supports comprehensive attention to those processes and factors that promote baccalaureate attainment, preparation for graduate study, and preparation for successful careers by students within alliances.  

I have always loved teaching and community service. In 2005-06 I served the Fresno State campus and its students as a Microsoft Student Ambassador (MSA), now called a Microsoft Student Partner (MSP). 

District 5230 Goals 2018
Monday June 11, 2018
By July 1, 2021 District 5230 will have 3000 active members. Person responsible for developing the action plan: Team Leader, Bobbie Foster, District Club Development Committee Chair. Committee members from the planning committee: Jessie Decker, Don Kremer, Rod Belton.

Mediator Mentor Day 2018

Submitted by Peter on Sun, 05/20/2018 - 22:42

Mediator Mentor Appreciation Day

On Thursday May 24, 2018 students from around the valley will be celebrated for their dedication to learning conflict resolution skills and becoming Mediator Mentors on their campuses.

The students who participate in Fresno State's Mediator Mentor Program learn valuable life long skills that will prepare them to better handle future conflicts with research based strategies.  

Join us and celebrate!

UOP Faculty Appreciation Week 2018

Submitted by Peter on Mon, 04/23/2018 - 01:46

From May 7-12, University of Phoenix is celebrating its sixth annual Faculty Appreciation Week. This year, our theme "Forward Focused" recognizes the synergy our unique faculty provides in supporting the University to reach its goals. This is a special time of reflection for all of us, as we officially recognize the value and the impact our faculty members bring to the classroom positioning University of Phoenix as a leader, while deeply impacting students in their educational journeys and beyond. 

Christmas in July 2018 1st Annual

Submitted by Peter on Mon, 04/23/2018 - 01:08


  • Run down shaded Christmas Tree Lane in July!  
  • Custom Christmas in July Medallions!
  • All participants receive a present presented by Santa Claus!
  • Overall winners receive a $100 gift card!
  • Cool Santa sightings along the course!
  • Donations support Boys and Girls Club

AFTER YOUR RUN - Don't miss the 33rd Annual North Fresno Rotary Pancake Breakfast at Fig Garden Village!

University of Phoenix

Submitted by Peter on Sun, 04/22/2018 - 15:52

I've been teaching or leading teams since 1991 and teaching at University of Phoenix since 2012.... and I still get kicks during graduation... and now it's Graduation 2018 at the Savemart Center.