PMP Certification 2017
Monday November 27, 2017

Why I Became a PMP

My professional, academic, and service roles revolve around programs and projects.

In 2017, I applied, was selected, and joined Fresno State's local chapter of the National Coalition Building Institute (NCBI) to continue my education in conflict resolution, team building, and to become culturally aware of my surroundings.
Grant Writing - Advanced 2017
Saturday March 18, 2017

In 2017 I completed the Basic Grant Writing course through Fresno State's Division of Continuing and Global Education and realized how valuable grant writing is to community and service groups.  Thus I enrolled and successfully completed CGE's Advanced Grant Writing course and earned a certificate.

Grant Writing - Basic 2017
Saturday February 11, 2017

Through my work and association with Rotary International at the Zone and District levels, and North Fresno Rotary and North Fresno Rotary Endowment at the Club and member level; I realized the value of learning to locate and acquire grant funding. 

Toastmasters Clovis Speech Masters
Thursday November 17, 2016

I joined Toastmaster's in 2016 and began serving as their social media guy, or Public Relations Officer.

I selected Clovis Speech Masters in part because it had several colleagues of mine from Fresno State.  I stayed because I enjoy the conversations, listening to a public speech, watching the members and myself improve over time. 

Photography and Photo Editing
Friday March 20, 2015
If you or your company sponsors the project I will post about your company and the support you provided to the Fresno Community, North Fresno Rotary Club and Rotary International, Fresno State and their organizations such as Mediator Mentors, Fresno State's ROTC Army, Fresno State's Executive Staff Assembly, and more...
University of Phoenix - Faculty 2014
Wednesday December 11, 2013

I love teaching students in new environments and spaces.  University of Phoenix is such a place because it offers students a new way to learn and collaborate.

Mediator Mentors 2013
Saturday May 04, 2013
In 2013, as part of my education at Fresno State and as part of my core belief system, I volunteered to serve in Fresno State's Mediator Mentor Program and continue to serve as a technology consultant and trainer to this day.