North Fresno Rotary Forms 2018
Sunday April 01, 2018
North Fresno Rotary Forms 2018

Project Goals

  • Workflow: Improve workflow (how we get and share information) create a process to get information into and out of the club to our members and community;
  • Collect Data thru Forms: use PDF-like forms so that the generations of Rotarians can easily fill-out and submit.
  • Prep Data for Club: Edited, archive, etc... data;
  • Distribute Data: to the members and community on the appropriate communication channel;


I believe it will save us/me time and build trust, improve efficiencies, and more in the future if Rotarians and the public learn to use the forms (PDF in this case) to submit, receive, share data.

(Scenario: Weekly Speaker) Every week it seems I have to spend 30 minutes plus to find, write, edit, etc the weekly speaker data.  Having a usable/trusted form will help speed up the process.

Forms to Collect Share Data

Each form (or template to get/share info) should be designed to address one topic.

For example the Weekly Speaker or Presenter from should give the speaker the ability to provide an elevator pitch, personal info, info about their topic, and the ability to provide materials like bios, photos, slide decks, etc.

A form for a press release might not have all those fields/data points to collect/archive/share.

A form for a Member's business would have a data field to collect a physical address, and maybe their position in the business (owner, director, executive, etc).

History Google Forms 

The forms were created on the Google Platform to take advantage of the built-in features like security and storage.  The forms were built and tested... But we failed to notice the need to have a Gmail account to submit documents.

The Program Committee found that many people did not have a Gmail account and could not submit forms and documents without an existing account or creating a new account.  

This caused we to re-think the process and move to the steps above with the PDF forms.

History Website Forms

Originally, we hosted the forms ourselves, but the website forms were hacked 3 times.  I added Captcha features which asked math questions or had questions about colors on them... but the Program Committee and the speakers had issues using them.

So, we converted to Google Forms.  See above.

Next Generation

Nick will review, edit, fix the Google forms (the data they request and form of the questions etc) and convert them to a PDF fallible-like format using inDesign.  

This will allow to collect, archive, and share the data on the appropriate communication channel.

Communication Channels

  • Email
  • In Person 
  • Phone
  • Text
  • Bulletin
  • Facebook
  • Website
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • DacDB