CSUEU Recruiting Trip to Sacramento

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To recap some headline-making news this past week in case you missed them: The CSU announced it would not seek a student tuition increase for 2018/19; the CSU will be more accountable and transparent when adding management positions and reviewing managers' performance; and the CSU is the subject of a health and safety audit to be released on Tuesday that is expected to be highly critical of management inaction and complacency in the face of numerous workplace hazards affecting students and employees.

What do CSU Employees Union members have to do with those significant developments? Everything! Here's the story behind those headlines: Our April 16 letter, delivered to Gov. Brown, CSU Board of Trustees and key state leaders, showed in irrefutable numbers that the CSU holds billions of dollars in outside accounts that were exposed by CSUEU's advocacy efforts. Four days later, the Chancellor's Office announced it was dropping the proposed 4% tuition increase, citing billions of dollars in the CSU budget reserve.

During our April 17 Lobby Day, more than 60 union members blitzed every legislator's office to show support for CSUEU-sponsored bill SB 1351, authored by Senator Ed Hernandez, that would require CSU campuses to justify the hiring of additional managers and to establish a written merit evaluation for management personnel. Within days, Senator Hernandez announced he was withdrawing the bill because it was no longer necessary after the CSU Board of Trustees adopted the policies contained in the bill. The Sacramento Bee reported on Sunday, "The (health and safety) audit was requested last year by Assemblyman Jim Wood, D-Santa Rosa, at the urging of the university employees union. The California State Auditor is reviewing the adequacy of safety equipment, regulations and training at CSU campuses in Sacramento, San Diego, Sonoma and the Channel Islands."

"Our focus and reputation for truth-telling is protecting CSU employees and students and saving the state billions of dollars," said Kim Harrington, CSUEU Legislative Committee Chair. "As front-line employees, we are true stewards and watchdogs who ensure the CSU stays honest with public funds and that it is held accountable for the health and well-being of all who work, study or visit its public campuses."

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