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North Fresno Rotary

In 2013 I joined North Fresno Rotary after volunteering through a program in the Master of Business Administration at Fresno State. At that time the program was run by Debbie Young.

  • 2013: Nearly weekly, supported our Weekly Programs and presentations;
  • 2013: Took over our club's website;
  • 2014: Began to incorporate social media;
  • 2015: Began to incorporate photos; 
  • 2016: Started to learn more about photography and videography;
  • 2017: Took over our bulletin newsletter and was awarded the Terry Huntsman Award for Service Above Self;
  • 2018: Began to work more with the Rotary District 5230 and was invited to District Committees;
  • 2019: Began to record and live stream our weekly meetings and some events;
  • 2019: Served on the creation, production, and editing of the podcast, Adventures in Service with Rotary District Governor, Rod Coburn III;
  • 2020: Began to create and share on social media and online, commercials for North Fresno Rotary and Rotary District 5230 with the support of CMAC;
  • 2020: Online payment system with Fresno First Bank;