Valley PBS Lorenzo Rios Interim President and CEO

Valley PBS Lorenzo Rios Interim President and CEO

This week Valley PBS named Lorenzo Rios as interim president and CEO.

Mr. Rios has served at Valley PBS on the board of directors since 2016.  Mr. Rios actively serves as Chief Executive Officer of the Clovis Veterans Memorial District.

He will serve as interim CEO of Valley PBS while continuing his role as CEO of the Veterans Memorial District. The district approved the arrangement at a special meeting and it became effective Nov. 5. 

Valley Ties

Rios is the current President-Elect of the Clovis Rotary club and last year produced the district conference for then-District Governor, Monika Fewtrell.

Lt. Colonel Rios is an Army and Marine Corps veteran with 23 years of service including 2 combat deployments and 1 peacekeeping deployment in the Balkans.  Rios also served as Department Chair of Fresno State's Army ROTC for several years.