Dr. Weber on AB 369 the Steps Bill

"Right now, we are in a favorable position for success. AB 369 has overwhelming bipartisan support from my colleagues in the Legislature, the CSU has had several unflattering audits exposing its financial and personnel issues, and, for the first time, a Governor is personally standing with us on this issue. The CSU is on its heels."

~ Assemblymember Dr. Shirley Weber (D-San Diego)

As you have likely heard, AB 369 has been put on hold this year at the Governor’s request. This will give the California State University (CSU) a final opportunity to bargain employee contracts that reinstate merit salary steps for CSU support staff. While I share in your disappointment that AB 369 is not law, I want to be very clear that the bill remains very much alive. We remain one step away from the Governor's desk. Even though the CSU has been unwilling to do the right thing for decades, we fortunately have a newly-elected Governor who wants to intervene personally on workers' behalf. I believe his engagement is critical to our efforts to succeed.

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