PDF Accessibility using Blackboard Ultra Ally

PDF Accessibility using Blackboard Ultra Ally

One of the things I love to do is to be constantly learning.  This week the University of Phoenix had its faculty train on Ally on Blackboard Ultra for ADA compliance and to help improve student outcomes.

As time passes, more and more organizations are being required to meet the ADA compliance standards and at UOP, it is no different.

Very happy to learn Ally on Blackboard Ultra for ADA compliance.

Ally is a new accessibility tool that will be available on Blackboard Ultra this fall. This tool will improve the classroom experience for students and make it easier for faculty to create accessible resources. The objectives for this training is to introduce this new tool with a focus specifically on Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF) due to the increasing use of PDFs in the classroom. By the end of this training, you will be able to:

  • Understand the difference among different types of PDF documents;
  • Evaluate a PDF document to determine how accessible it is;
  • Use Blackboard Ally to remediate accessibility issues found in PDF documents.

Course Outline

  1. Welcome to the PDF Accessibility Training!

  2. Module Overview and Expectations

  3. Lesson 1: Adobe's PDF Overview

  4. Lesson 2: Tagged and Scanned PDFs

  5. Lesson 3: PDF Accessibility Checker

  6. Lesson 4: Blackboard Ally and Accessibility Scores

  7. Lesson 5: Examples and Alternative Formats

  8. Lesson 6: Accessibility Resources

  9. Required Quiz