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President 2017

8 months 3 weeks hence

For over 23 years, the North Fresno Rotary club has been a source of friendship, enlightenment, and inspiration to me.  Founded in 1948, and with nearly 100 members today, the club has introduced me to a vast array of professionals.  Weekly, we meet for lunch and speaker programs which spawn thoughtful conversations, challenging projects, and hearty laughter.  

North Fresno Rotary

Steve Berglund A Culture of Solvents-Dry Cleaning with Chemicals since 1840

1 month 1 week ago
Since 1840 when turpentine spilled on a table cloth removed grease dry cleaners have been cleaning clothes with chemicals and countless people have been exposed to toxic substances. 80% of dry cleaners still use Perc, a chemical outlawed in California because it causes cancer. New solvents have been approved but no testing has been done for residues left in the garments after cleaning. Claims by dry cleaners that they clean clothes eco-friendly are in violation of FTC guidelines, California Business codes and the BBB. According to the EPA professional wet cleaning is the best alternative and many wet cleaners process all garments regardless of the outdated dry clean only labels.
North Fresno Rotary

Ashley Swearengin

2 months ago
Ashley Swearengin is president and CEO of the Central Valley Community Foundation, a charitable foundation serving the six counties of Central California and providing over $100 m in funding to over 650 community benefit organizations over the last decade. Prior to joining the Foundation, she served as mayor of Fresno from 2009 through 2016.
North Fresno Rotary

Perry Huffman Historic Story Telling Art

2 months 4 weeks ago

Perry Huffman worked from 1963 to 1995 for McClatchy.

He was a TV cover and feature Illustrator, political cartoonist. performed police witness drawings, courtroom drawings, informational graphics and retirement drawings or paintings, Huffman occasionally wrote stories he illustrated. He continues to draw, paint, write, speak, fly fish, golf garden and play.

North Fresno Rotary
1 hour 48 minutes ago
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